Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Connections Continue

David and I started our last four day series of training on trauma informed care today in Bishkek.  This is so exciting for us, as this is new material and new concepts for all of us in child welfare. We have been training this material, which combines the nine essential skills of trauma -informed care with the Trust Based Relational Intervention program (Dr. Karyn Purvis) at home and now we are sharing it here.  Just the other day, one of the foster moms said what I hear so often at home, "I wish I would have known this when I started!"

We continue to make awesome new connections with these most interesting people. Today, we began our final training series with the administration and staff of the SOS Children's Village.  They are so receptive and open to what we are sharing.

However, before the day began, I had a promise to keep. Last Monday, I made a promise to ten very important foster moms.  We wanted to give them a gift - our book, Wounded Children, Healing Homes, translated into Russian.  I asked them to come to the training room at 9:30 this morning...and right on time they came.  What fun and what a blessing it was to give them each a book. They wanted a signed copy.

      Our day started out with making these connections again with these caring foster moms.

                     Talking with Burul. She has been a SOS foster mom for over 10 years.

Here are just a few more pictures from today....

                            Costa, our country director, joined us today as translator. 

                       Veronika, the SOS Children's Village doctor was in our class today.

                                             David closes out the session today.

We all decided that on Friday afternoon, we will have a big celebration with all the SOS folks who attended. They told me that will be close to 45 people.  We will give everyone a certificate and celebrate their hard work over these last three and half weeks! 

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