Tuesday, May 24, 2011

An Evening with the Journalism Staff

During dinner the very first night we arrived last March, we were sitting with the Wrights and some of their friends from Canada. I was thinking about my journalism class starting the next day and a thought came - we are not going to do a newspaper - we are going to do a yearbook - in seven weeks.

The next morning, ten young people greeted me at the 8:00 hour and I told them our plan.  Most of them had never heard or seen a yearbook. Well, it is finished. The students and faculty alike are thrilled.  We celebrated tonight with dinner at our home.

Here are our incredible young journalists:

 Bekah Wright helped us tremendously and we couldn't have done ut without her. Azamat is a gifted young man. He will be spending next year in America.

Jibek was one of my most committed students....she is helping to serve dinner to Lumila.

Aida (l) is a quiet spoken and extremely competent student as is Zalina. About three weeks ago, Zalina came to class and asked if she could help with the project and we, course said yes!

These beautiful young ladies all have incredible talents and enthusiasm. L to R - Altynai, Jibek, Nellie and Ludmila. 

Eliza (l) and Aijan have been in a number of our classes and are delightful, dedicated students. Eliza, along with Altynai will spend the summer in Alaska

Nurisa worked extremely hard...plus she was the light of the class...with her humor and smile.

This is the yearbook cover, designed by Altynai and Bekah.

We are now just a week away from flying home.  We look forward to seeing family and friends soon, but will be leaving some precious friends here....to see them again as the Lord allows...thank you for your interest and support as this journey continues..

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