Saturday, May 21, 2011

Coming with Us

Last fall seems far away when I think about getting an email from Aihan, one of our students at IUCA. "Would you help me find a job in Ohio?"  Would we?   Of course.  I first contacted some friends of ours, Ron and Caroline Grewall (Ruby's sister) to see if they would be willing to host a college student for the summer from Krygyzstan. They immediately replied "yes."  The second step was a job and I wrote a note on facebook with the need and within just a few short hours, Aihan had a job at McDonald's in Lebanon.  We were excited.  (Note: Aihan's father was an accidental fatal shooting victim duirng the revolution last year.)

Aihan and her mother - we had the privilege of meeting her today.

Then, along came another request....there is another girl who wants to come and work in Ohio. Short story -  Zhenya is coming and she will be living with John and Robin Wientge for the summer and working in two family businesses.

Zhenya and her mom and dad.  Both mothers (and dad, of course) felt much better after meeting us and hearing more about where their daughters would be spending the summer.

On June 2, these beautiful young ladies will leave with us on our very early flight home arriving in Ohio at 10:30 pm after traveling for about 30 hours.  It will be a life changing adventure for them in every way...and also for us and the families whose lives they will touch. 

The gentleman in the center is in charge of the work/travel program for college students.

If you live in the Lebanon area- visit McDonald's and you might get to meet Aihan!

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