Thursday, May 26, 2011

Our Special Friends Were Honored

Central Asia has been the second home to the Wright family since 2005...maybe longer. They have worked in difficult places, horrific orphanages and homes for the disabled. There are not many places that they will not venture with the purpose of restoring hope and dignity.  John cannot talk about it without crying.  God has used this family in a tremendous way.

Yesterday, the mayor's office of Tokmok extended a tremendous honor with the Hononary Social certificates....I think it is very close to being made honorary citizens of Tokmok. 

The Wrights are special friends. We share a common passion and vision. David and I just love watching them think through challenges and always come up with an answer.  It is our joy to call them friends.

Here are some pictures from yesterday....

 Getting ready to walk into the cermony at the mayor's office.

The mayor thanking John and his family for their contributions to the community and the welfare of its citizens.

After the was a special, special occasion.

For more fun pictures of the event...visit their blog:

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