Thursday, March 25, 2010

Two Girls and Two Futures Forever Changed

On our first trip in the spring through the early fall of 2008, we spent a lot of time at an orphanage about 40 minutes away from our home. While there, we have the privilege of meeting and spending time with many children. However, often God directs us to one or another for His purposes. That is exactly what happened in the lives of the Wright family whom we joined for excursions to the orphanage.

This is the family we came to know as the "farm five."  They were all living in the orphanage with their mother, who served as cook because they were homeless.  The young lady, Ipare, sitting to David's right had dreams.  Don't go any where...there is a story to tell.

This family became known to us as the "Fabulous Five."  They too, were living in an orphange with no positive future to expect. But Altynai, the oldest, also had a dream.

Both Ipare and Altynai wanted to go to college....but no orphan or social orphan could dream of that.  The story is much too long to share here, but the Wright family became deeply involved in helping both of these families and dreams are being realized.

David and I just got home tonight from a dinner. That dinner was held in honor of Ipare and her college classmates.  Ipare's family was able to move out of the orphanage into their own home. Their mother is supporting the family through her sewing work and her daughter, now attending a sewing college has a promise of a brighter future.

Before we went to the dinner, I had my first journalism class at the new university.  In the front row of the class sat Altynai, now in her second year.  She, too has a promise of a better and more productive future.  Her sisters and brothers are now living in apartment with their mother. As I watched both of these young ladies, I was overwhelmed with the power of love and how it can touch and change a life. 

Altynai and Ipare at the dinner this evening.

Ipare's classmates at her college.

John and Julie and their daughters have committed themselves to support and nuture these beautiful young ladies and their large families.  Life for all these is incredibly better because the Wrights did stop for the ones God directed.

We feel so privileged to watch God's plan unfolding in these lives.   Thanks for sharing our journey,

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Jennifer Wlodarczyk said...

I just caught up on your blog. What great stories. The families that are being touched will be changed for generations to come. That is awesome!
Jen Wlodarczyk