Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekend Full of Meeting New People and Blessing Old Friends

It is now Sunday evening, almost 8 pm and we are sitting in our quiet apartment, relaxing after an incredibly full weekend.  The team from Canada arrived this morning and we will be introducing them to you as well as  writing much about their experiences here over the next two weeks.

For now the pictures will capture this weekend's events.

Saturday evening was Possiblitiy International's evening to honor their workers on the ground. Nearly 45 folks gathered in a local resturant to recognize the local folks here who work with the homeless, elderly, and disabled.  They are truly a blessing to know.

Sitting around this dinner table were ladies from China, Krygyzstan, Canada, Ukraine and  the many different nationalities and one common purpose. (Personal note: Should you be wondering - I am wearing about four layers of clothes as it was snowy and cold and our apartment is quite cold with very little heat. David and I had a laugh over this picture,but I told him no one would think I gained that much weight in two weeks!)

The same goes for this table, too....a common passion and a common love for the people of this Central Asia country.

We awoke to this Sunday morning snow greeting - about three or more inches on the ground. It was beautiful, but it is also spring :). By this evening, it had mostly melted away.

After church and lunch, we were invited to speak to a group of teens. David introduced the team from Canada to a group of young people gathered in a room above a gymnasiusm.  These young people come together each week to hear a speaker and then break dance, learn guitar and drum and some to learn English.
Jim from Canada shares his life changing story with the teens.

These are some of the dynamic young people who were with us earlier in the sharing time. 

On Monday, the team will be visiting a number of humanitarian projects - the home for invalid men, two orphanages and a home for senior adults.  They will be taking food and medical supplies, as well as candy and gifts for the children.  David and I both now teach on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, so our time with the team here will be somewhat limited.  We plan to catch up them as we can after classes. Please visit our partners' blog to see highlights of the team's work this week.

We are thoroughly enjoying our work here and just really getting started. Thank you for sharing our vision with us as you read this blog. It is so appreciated....