Monday, March 22, 2010

A Weekend with the Children

One of our greatest joys while here is being with the children and that is just what happened this weekend. In past trips here, we spent about six hours a week in a local orphanage, teaching English, taking the kids on outings and just loving them. In December, these precious kids were moved to another orphanage about 2 hours away. We couldn't wait to see them.

On Saturday, in the midst of a beautiful spring snow, we drove to their orphanage. In the evening, we visited with them, watched them sing and dance and thoroughly enjoyed our time with them. We were with them on Sunday morning, went to lunch with the group, and then on to an indoor amusement park one hour away. This entire weekend for the children was funded by a Canadian friend, Jodie, who held fund raising teas and much more to raise funds for projects here. John and Julie Wright organized the activities with help from their partners, Sergae and Anya.

It may not seem alot to our kids at home, but for these kids, eating in a restaurant, (actually twice) and going on a field trip to the capital is a tremendously big deal. When you live in an orphanage, you don't experience life the same way you would if you were growing up in your family.

Here's what the weekend looked like!

On Tuesday, David and I begin our teaching schedule at the University. On Saturday, a team from Canada and friends of our team partners, Lynn and Ruby Johnston arrive and they have a full two weeks of incredible ministry planned. We hope to be with them as much as our schedule will allow.

NOTE: To catch up on the totality of LAMb's work in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, visit our team's blog -

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J. said...

wow it looks like all those kids has a great time. You left a comment on my blog recently about your new book, the timing was perfect as I had heard about it jus tthe week before on another blog. I have ordered it and am looking forward to reading it. When I do I will be sure to post a review on my blog so that others can hear about it as well. Have a great week and you are truly making a difference in the lives of so many children, blessings to you both.