Thursday, March 26, 2009

Women's Ministries - Kyrgyz Style

"We will never forget this night!" That was the response from one of the women who attended the women's dinner last night. Hosted by Julie and Jodie from Canada, the evening was set aside to honor bless them and let them know how very special they are.

It was a simple dinner, but a special one for the women here, who perhaps for the very first time, ever experienced something this. Jodie remarked later, "what would it take for me to say, I will never forget this night!" What a humbling event to witness.

Julie and Jodie planned before leaving Canada for this special evening.
About 25 women attended last night's dinner. Just wished I could have talked with them and heard their stories.

Jodie reads a Blessing to the women...Acel, the incredible, humble pastor's wife interprets.

They were there...from the oldest

To the youngest
Jodie and Julie wanted to take the time to honor Acel in a very special way.
After the evening was over, I quietly mentioned to Acel that I knew her heart as a pastor's wife. I told if I can be of help in any way please let me know. We are planning for another event before we leave. My thoughts, however, what could I say to these women, who know far most about trusting God for their every day survival than I do. Maybe it will be a time to let them speak.
The week ahead....
Sunday....can't wait...we are going to see Pastor Elenya work team from America arrives
Tuesday....we begin teaching at the Professional Institute and spending time with the team work team to Bishkek
Thursday and in Bishkek
The journey is underway.....


Jennifer Wlodarczyk said...

God is opening so many doors for you there already-amazing. We will continue to pray for your journey.
Jennifer Wlodarczyk

Julie and John Wright said...

It was also an honour to have you there Jayne.
See you soon