Monday, March 23, 2009

First Days

We arrived Saturday morning - excited that God has allowed us this incredible opportunity to return to a people we have come to love. I am thrilled to report NO LOST LUGGAGE! Two pieces were delayed for one day, but all is well there and we can get about the business of waiting and listening to God then moving forward.

On Monday, David had the first opportunity to visit one of the orphanages we were at frequently last year. I stayed behind to work with Ruby on an amazing grant application, more about that later. As usual, David had alot of stories to tell about what he felt and saw - and this is just the first week.

It was wonderful to see these children looking healthy and well. We worked with these children last summer on lifebooks and other small craft projects. Actually, I just watched the craft projects :)

I noticed from the pictures that David took that the children have grown taller - the little ones were precious as always.

David, John, Julie and team arrive at Orlovka just in time for lunch.

These three beautiful young ladies, the two on the ends and the orphanage director's daughter in the middle, have certainly grown up since last year.

David, John, Julie and team visited a brand new nursing home in Kemin, about 40 minutes from where we live. It was David's first sad encounter of the trip. The nursing home, just opened by one woman who saw the desparate state of the elderly, now has seven residents. These are men and women, who up to this point, were homeless, evicted from their own homes by their children.

David described the new nursing home as very dark, stark and cold. One large room had five beds around the walls and the women just sat there - all day. Much work is needed here and the volunteer director has high hopes for caring for the homeless elderly population in the area. When asked how many elderly people could live there, David was told, probably sixty. The problem was there were no beds and only a two burner hot plate in the stark, empty kitchen.

David mets a new friend. In James, where it talks about visiting widows and children, Lynn Johnston raised the questions, "I think there is a deeper meaning to the word "visit". We agree. We hope to be able to "visit" these beautiful people several times while we are here.

The team delivers over $400 worth of food to this home. What was in the pantry before this? Small rotten potatoes and a sack of rice -nothing else.

This woman's response to the food supply says it all.

In the near future, we will be writing about the food ministry of Children's Hope International. This is a local (Ohio) ministry that is feeding thousands of people around the world. They want to come to Kyrgyzstan as well. Please visit

We are making plans to partner with this organization to help feed the hundreds of thousands people in Kygyzstan classified as "food insecure" What a definition!

The journey continues....


Kim & Randy said...

Amazing update Pastor Dave and Jayne - as always. I only wish I could be there with all of you right now . . .

The Stahnke's said...

Great to hear that all is going well, including the luggage situation. It is amazing to follow the blogs and see the stories of the work being done there. May God open all the possible doors He can while you are there. We will talk soon.

Kim Stahnke

Hilary Marquis said...

Hi guys! So glad that you are there safe and sound. Our prayers are with you. I look forward to hearing more stories about what God is doing in Kyrgyzstan!!

Tim, Hilary, Tyler, Toby, Mia & Anara