Monday, March 30, 2009

Full Weekend and Start to a Full Week

Our first full weekend in Tokmok was full with fun and exciting activities. David, Lynn, Anne joined John Wright's family as they took 20 children to the amusement park in Bishkek. They left early and got home late. Check out the Wright's blog to see the great pictures.

An opportunity was presented to Ruby and me just shortly before we left the US and that was to apply for a major grant. We spent the entire week working on it and Ruby finished it late last night. Gaining the grant would open the doors to financial provision for training and impact on the system of child welfare here. We will keep you up-to-date on the grant application.

Sunday was a day David and I looked forward to and that was visiting Pastor Elenya and her beautiful family. We visited her church on Sunday and she invited us to her new four bedroom house. We are so thrilled for her and this was a gift to her and her three adopted children.
Pastor Elenya praying over the children of her church.
Anne, the Johnston's niece shares her testimony.
Pastor Elenya and her three adopted children. The oldest would have graduated the orphanage in the spring and released to be on her own at 16.
Lunch in her new home.

It is now Tuesday evening and we have spent a little time with the social work team from Cleveland. Although they arrived with no sleep for over 30 hours, after freshening up, we started right away with introducing them to the work in Kyrgyzstan. The next two weeks will be full of their stories and pictures.

Also coming every once in a while will be a short story. I have asked myself "what does love look like?" I saw it yesterday and have seen it many times in the past. Overtime, when we experience a "what does love look like?" story, we will share it with you so that you, too can share in the passion and compassion for the people of this Central Asia country.
the journey continues....

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