Saturday, April 4, 2009

Reflecting on the week....

It is Saturday evening and we are relaxing and reflecting at home after an incredibly busy week. It has been a week to see and feel things that have left us wondering – what can we do?
On Wednesday afternoon, we went to the local park, built by “Kids Across the World Playgrounds.” It was a time to treat the little ones from one of the local orphanages to fun, food, and most importantly – ice cream and lots of it.
Lynn and a little one from a local orphanage.These little ones captured Jessica's fact that happens a lot with her!

A surpise evening meal....

After the social work team from Ohio played in the park, we ushered the little ones into a small building and an evening meal awaited them. As those children walked into the room, inching their way behind them were three other small children….a little girl about 10 and her little brother and her little sister.

Dirty and looking absolutely starved, Lynn ushered them into the room quickly. We could feed a few more, but not the whole playground. All of us were deeply touched by these children. Jessica, one of the team members, was determined they would not go home empty handed and gathered the remaining food up to give to them. A number of us walked back to the foundation so there would be room in the van to drive these children home. What Jessica saw when she arrived at their home broke her heart – absolute poverty…no food, no water, nothing that could sustain anyone.

These are the faces of poverty …and it is always the children.

On Thursday morning, the team shopped at the local market to buy essentials for this family and delivered them. Those of us who remain here for the season hope to check on this family.

On Thursday afternoon, we all went to a local orphanage to do crafts with the children and also decorate Easter eggs. It was a delightful afternoon.Jennifer and the boys really got into the egg coloring. The young man in the middle colored more eggs than anyone!

After the eggs were all colored, some remaining ones were turned into egg salad sandwichese and they were a hit!

However, in the midst of our fun, we were again reminded of the faces of poverty. A father and mother, who we later learned, were destitute and homeless, brought their three children to the orphanage. While their parents signed custody papers with the orphanage director, the three children sat at the tables where the children were doing eggs – mostly in a shock state.

These are the faces of poverty …and it is always the children.

These precious twins really had no idea what was happening, but they would be living at the orphanage now until things improved for their parents.
Their older brother, we noticed, was very watchful over his little sisters.

We have finished our second week here…it doesn’t seem possible. Already so many life experiences have deeply spoken to us. Seeing and experiencing what we have, has made us eager to continue. On a walk last night, both of us commented that our time here maybe touching one life at a orphan, a widow, a mother, a father…one life at a time.

the journey continues...


Elizabeth Bergeron said...

Those little faces sure do bring back memories. It's a hard world that allows children to go hungry. Hoping to get some food to you in the coming weeks.

Wishing we were there with you to care for these children.

Butch and Tracy said...

One day I am going to go with you all... They capture my heart and I am around the world.

Be sure to chech our blog... Asher is home and such a blessing. Having a hard time with sleep, but it will come.

Praying for you all.

Tracy Snyder