Thursday, March 19, 2009

This Time Will be Different

It is Thursday afternoon and we are sitting at the JFK airport awaiting our departure about seven hours from now. Anne Grewell, a young Ohio girl, and niece of Lynn and Ruby, is with us making her first trip to Kyrygzstan.

I have been thinking alot about the contrasts of our two departures - last year - when we knew no one, had no idea what to expect, and really what we would be doing. This year - we are returning to people we know and love and want to serve in anyway possible. Yet that call is deeper than that.

Yesterday at lunch, missionary friends, Ric and Jane Taylor, told us a story. We weren't able to hear the entire story, but enough of it to get it. Ric told us of a young girl who had experienced devastating burns over most of her body. Through the incredible care of doctors and God's intervention, she survived. After a few months in care, the doctors told the family they could take her home to care for her. They were so glad to be able to do that. He said to them, "you can take her home, but not until you see the burns. It will be then that you will fully understand what she needs."

Ric asked a question - do we really get ministry until we have seen the "burns" - the devastation in the lives of people. It is not until we "see the burns" that true, deep ministry can happen - that we can maybe have some slight idea of the need. It is a sight that changes one forever.

Do we ask God to show us "the burns?" Are we willing to go there? Our prayer is yes, Lord, show us the burns.....and then show us what to do.

More from the otherside this weekend....


Julie and John Wright said...

Oh so blessed to see you soon,
Love Julie

Hilary Marquis said...

You two have been blessed with such an amazing gentleness, compassion, and hospitality. God is going to use you in more ways than you can even think of! Have a safe flight (may all your luggage arrive with you :) Looking forward to hearing from you on the other side!