Thursday, May 29, 2008

Graduation, Training and Lots of Experiences

It is Friday and what a week of work and experiences it has been. We are getting much more into a routine of work- teaching and training on a regular schedule, but of course leaving much time for our trips with the orphanage kids.

Last Saturday we had the privilege of attending the first graduation of the School of Blessing. This was the first school started by Mercy Foundation in Krygzstan eight years ago. God has enabled them to start four other Christian schools in this Muslim country. Quite incredible.

Celebrating the end of the school year.

Elder Yang, standing to the left of the flowers, was called by God to establish Christian schools in this Muslim country.

Some the second graders celebrating the end of the school year. Their sign says, "Good-bye school!"

After the graduation and celebration of the end of the year, we took a trip to Mercy Foundation's mountain camp. One of the highlights for the camp in the summer is a month long experience for all the children living in their orphanages. We will really enjoy sharing in this in July.

David visits with Elder Yang. It was a cold, misty day in the beautiful mountains about an hour away from where we live.

Sunday we had the opportunity to visit in a local church to hear Dr. Thomas Wang, a renowed Chinese church leader. Being with him the previous several days was a real privilege as he shared his perspective on the international Body of Christ with us.

Quite a congregation - Russians, Chinese, Krgyz, Canadians and Americans.

Four of our little friends from the orphanage - l to r - Cola, Izat, Vania and Eelia.

Monday began our teaching and training schedule. On Monday and Tuesdays in the afternoon I teach English as a second language to the workers at the Foundation.

(The first day of English as a second language class)

Each Tuesday and Wednesday, David conducts a morning class for the workers on Sharping Their Focus. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve here.

Beginning next week, we will be conducting a seven week training session for orphanage caregivers. Those sessions will be held each Tuesday morning. David also will be meeting weekly with a group of young people who desire to learn leadership skills. The hope for this country is its young people, so we look forward to the possiblity of touching these young lives.

This has been quite a week for us ...we see and experience God every day and are humbled by the privilege of being here among these incredible people.

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Butch & Tracy said...

you all are doing so much good... touching hearts and leading by example to the savior!! How wonderful. I am so proud to know you all. I wish I could be there to help with the orphanage training.

Thanks for remaining consistent in your blogging, forgive me for not doing the same with my responses!

PS... Ethan is now a High School Grad!!! He is on to a new phase in his life. I am so proud of him.

Pss.. the adoption is moving slow.. but in God's time. We are still in translation.