Saturday, May 31, 2008

Pictures Tell the Story - A Day in the Mountains

We spent most of Thursday, May 29 on a trip with 20 youngsters from Orlovka orphanage. We went to the Baharna Tower, an ancient, 1,000 year old historical site and then to the mountain waterfall. The kids were awesome. None of these children have ever experienced what they did on Thursday. The pictures tell the story.

We arrive at the tower site
Getting ready for the tour

These kids stick together.

Climbing the tower stairs to the tower.

David did! I didn't!

One of our two vans broke down out in the middle of nowhere...but God made a way!

These youngsters love to have their pictures taken!

David and Alymbek at the riverside.

All kids everywhere love to throw rocks into the river. These kids have never seen what they saw on Thursday....the beauty of God's creation.

Hey, Andrew...we have now had shaslick- lamb kabobs

This will be a day they will never forget! and neither will we.

We were standing at the foot of the waterfall and someone asked the question - "What is more beautiful - this waterfall or the family of four (the Wright family) who gives so much to these kids. We all agreed it was the Wright family, for they are touching the souls of children.

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