Saturday, May 31, 2008

Celebrating Children on Children's Day

This weekend began the country's celebration of children. Officially, it is June 1. We went out to spend more time with the Orlovka youngsters and see them perform. Keep in mind as you see these pictures that these children live in an orphanage. In our country, their building would be condemned, everything is dark and broken. However, the incredible director, assistant director and staff (who work for NO PAY) are not only rebuilding a building, as they have the funds, but rebuilding lives.

Again, the pictures tell the story!

This is Emma Wright. For her 17th birthday, she wanted to have the orphanage teen girls over for a slumber party. It will happen on Monday night.

This is John and Julie Wright, whom God has called to minister in this very unique way. On their right, is the orphanage founder and director, who receives no salary for her work.

This incredibly beautiful family of five live at the orphanage. When they were found by the government, the oldest young lady was searching through a dump for food for her younger siblings. They government moved the younger four to the orphanage and their older sister came with them to care for them. Her dream is to go to college and she has received scholarship funds to do so.

Another fabulous family of five. They all live at the orphanage along with their mother, who is the unpaid cook. This next week, through the gifts of Possibility International, they will move into their new home. Check out for their story and grab a kleenex.

We are so incredibly blessed to have the experiences we have every day. Our prayer is that God will not only continue to allow us to see, but also help along the way.

The journey continues....


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