Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Historical Day for the Professional Institute

Monday, July 9 marked the beginning of leadership training for the staff of the Professional Institute. It was the time to refine goals and define the vision for the school as opening day is about six weeks away. This Professional Institute will be a one-of-a-kind institution in this country based on its unique mission and philosophy of education and commitment to integrity.

James Hong, acting director, opens the training session

Staff gathers for opening session on leadership.

In the opening training session, David used Psalm 78:70-72 to focus the staff on how vital their roles in leadership are as this new school opens. In these verses he shared four leadership principles that stand out.

1. Leaders need to follow biblical principles of integrity, justice, fairness and excellence.

2. Leaders have a sense of calling. Leaders of the Professional Institute need to keep in mind that they have been called out to create a new thing. It is not just a job, but a calling. There is a higher principle at work.

3. Leaders serve with integrity of heart. At the center of a good leader is to be integrity. Without integrity, leadership fails. When integrity is compromised, one’s ability to lead is lost.

4. Leaders need to be skilled in those areas where he will be serving. He cannot teach what he does not know. He will need to keep up with what is happening in his disciplines and to have a broad worldview. A leader without skill will quickly be exposed.

David shares leadership principles on the opening day of training at the Professional Institute.

These are exciting days for Mercy Foundation as they move forward to provide higher education in this community and surrounding towns and villages.

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