Friday, July 11, 2008

Living Water Celebration

Imagine trying to live, work and raise a family in a village with no water. We cannot even imagine what that would be like. We shared with you briefly about five weeks ago about a small village outside of Tokmok that has been without water for five years. We shared with you that the night we were there, the village people prayed with our team about their need for water.

Well now, the rest of the story. That need was posted on John and Julie Wright's blog that night ( and literally within moments God touched the hearts of His people. Through generous giving, the door opened for the finances needed to dig a mile and a half long trench, lay the pipes and connect them to a water source. The Canadian teens here now raised money additional money for this project and through them and others the financial resources came through and Living Water is coming to Iskra.

On Wednesday night we have the great joy of visiting the village again and sharing in the celebration of the arrival of Living Water.

These pictures tell the story.

Julie Wright, on the far right and Acel, next to her talk with the women of the village as we arrive.

This is part of the mile and one half trench into which will be laid the pipes to connect the village to a water source.

John Wright, in the center, discusses the need for more financial assistance to complete the work and the group responded - "go for it!"

This is the second time we have spent time with these fine little guys. They will grow up with the memory of the night water came to the village. Most of this kids have never known what it was like to have water readily available. These kids are enjoying the celebration.

We thoroughly enjoy our time with our new friends. Although we don't speak the same language and an translator is not always around, they know we love them and care about what happens to them. We hope to be back to this village again before leaving in late September.

What captures our hearts everywhere we go are the children. Here you can see why.

More beautiful kids... David prepares to share a prayer of blessing with our friends.

The Canadian teens join in the prayer of blessing for this village.

As we were leaving the people asked us to come back...please come back. We know we will.

The journey continues.....

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Butch & Tracy said...

The children capture my heart too... tears are rolling... I love looking into the eyes...

I am praying for you all and that you are able to touch many little lives.