Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Doctor Cried

Early this very hot morning, David, Natalia and I boarded a marsurka, a little bus for Bishkek. We wanted to visit Elenya, take her some needed finances and also a blender. Patients in the hospital prepare their own food and since she cannot eat, she needed a blender. Her sister is staying with her to care for her there.

Elenya is limited in talking due to the level of pain she is experiencing, however, she was able to share one story with us. After her surgery last Friday, the doctor was discouraged because he believed the tumor he removed was cancerous...which in his mind, there would be no hope. It took a week following surgery to get the final lab reports. On Thursday morning, Elenya heard a commotion in the hall, young medical students were talking very loudly, and as Elena said, "they were shouting with joy." The doctor came rushing into her room. "The lab report just came in. Elenya, you don't have cancer," he told her. "You will be fine." Then the doctor cried.

We have experienced such joy as we have seen God work through this experience. Many of you have let us know you have been praying for her and her children. We share this with her when we go. Elenya's journey is not quite completed. She will need to have another reconstruction surgery in six months. We will be home by then, but will follow her needs closely.

Elenya's story is important to us because she is important to us and to so many. She also represents the people that we have come to know and love here.

Looking ahead to next week

Tomorrow is Sunday, and David again will be sharing at the Chinese Church. Next week will be very full, fun and hopefully productive as David is teaching five mornings a week, we will be joining John and Julie's Canadian teens on their projects, visiting the Iskra village again, teaching English at the orphanage and the rest is not yet revealed. :)

Blessings to you, our friends....
The Journey Continues....

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