Sunday, June 29, 2008

Chicken Pox, Graduation, Elenya, Baptism - Every day something new

Each day we get up wondering what will happen, what we will see and experience. No day is the same. A very small thing in the light of all we see and experience right now we are experiencing electricity rationing- meaning we have electricity 3 hours on and 3 hours off during the day and off at night. We were told this may continue through the month of July. When the electricity comes back on and the fans go on....we really appreciate that!

The week in review
Tuesday: We always look forward to our time with the Tokmok orphanage kids. When we arrived on Tuesday evening, we were greeted with the news of a chicken pox outbreak. We were disappointed for the kids because the entire group was to leave for the mountain camp for the month and now none of them can go. We will try to make it up to them by being there more often during the month. Tiff and Bekah, these are some of the beautiful kids you will be working with when you come.

The way of keeping the itching down is to apply a green antiseptic. It definitely adds to the look of chicken pox. This is Vania, next to David, Nastya and Eulia.

Wednesday: We have the privilege of attending the graduation of the first senior class at the School of Blessing, the first school founded by Elder Yang. The young people dressed beautifully for this very special occasion. It was a joy to be there.

Fourteen young people graduated June 28th.

Thursday: We went to Bishkek to visit Pastor Elenya prior to her Friday surgery. She came through surgery well, however, we do not know the full extent of her surgery, her prognosis or need for additional surgery. We should find that out soon.

David gives a gift from Christa to Elenya.

Sunday: David had the opportunity to preach at the Chinese Church. It looks like he will have this opportunity most Sundays until we leave, due to personnel changes. There will be a number of additional speaking opportunities during the week and evenings at local churches and groups. This past Sunday he had the opportunity to participate in the baptism of four new believers. It was a real privilege.

David and Pastor Steve Wade baptized four new believers.

Pray Needs:

  • Pastor Elenya and her recovery
  • John and Christa Tsai leave on Wednesday morning. They are returning to the US for medical treatment for Christa. John is the president of the Foundation.
  • The work ahead to open the Professional Institute on August 25th. Many are looking to David for guidance and direction here.
  • Work with orphanage staff consulting with them on the serious needs of their children

We appreciate all your emails, comments, etc......we love and miss you

The journey continues


Maria said...

There is something just SOUL MOVING to see those folks being baptized. That picture was priceless. Glad to see things are going well. You are in our prayers!

Butch & Tracy said...

The little ones in green dots. They do this in Kaz orphanages too!! One family was in shock when they first met their son and he was covered in green spots.