Thursday, June 12, 2008

Seeing adoption from this side

Last night we had quite an experience. We had dinner with two adoptive families who just picked up their children from the local orphanage a few days earlier. It was absolutely delightful. These beautiful children have been with their new parents for almost a week. Here are some pictures that share our excitement for these kids and their new families.

David and Charlie....Charlie is ten months old and faces 3-5 surgeries to repair a cleft palette. This little guy ate almost the entire evening and seemed quite contented on David's lap.
Claire is about 18 months and once with them, her parents saw a completely new little girl...laughing, playing, smiling...and she is beautiful.

Olivia (l) and Jia are now the older sisters and are quite happy about their new role.
Dinner together at a local restaurant. Little Charlie had what his mom believes to be his first ice cream!

These families will leave on Monday to travel to Almalty, Kazakhstan to finsh the adoption process. What a journey they will have ahead with these beautiful children. What an eye opening opportunity for us to experience adoption here.
The journey continues....

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Butch & Tracy said...

WOW... I am so excited for that moment and can not wait for you all to meet our son. One day....