Sunday, June 8, 2008

An evening in a village

Friday afternoon was one of the trips in which we had no idea what would happen. All we knew is that we were going to the home of a seventeen Christian young lady who lives all by herself. Once there we were going to share in a dinner celebration. However, as you see the incredible pictures below, it was not a dinner at a home, but the entire village had dinner together. It was again, one of those incredible experiences that we won't forget. We fell in love with these beautiful, beautiful, gracious people!

Before you look at the pictures, I want to share a few things about the people you will see. This is a village of 21 families. Many of the people have lived here all their lives. It is a Dungan village, which are Chinese people. Until a Krygyz Christian woman by the name of Larissa and her daughter, Tonya, moved into the village simply to love the people, the gospel had not been introduced there. When she arrived two years ago, they threw rocks at her. She refused to give up and continue to love them, provide resources to them and Tonya taught the children English. Today, she is deeply loved and respected there. It was her delight, as the evening ended to disribute the Samaritian Purse shoeboxes. The pictures tell the story.
This is the oldest woman in the village and it is the custom for her to greet the visitors.
Before the evening began, they asked for a group photo. This is just a few of the many families that joined us for dinner.
What an amazing dinner! Actually, three major courses spread out over two hours.
This is what we saw when we first arrived!
Tea, fruit and vegtables as we begin the meal.
These are some of the beautiful young ladies who live there. Laura, dressed in black, is the young lady who lives all alone. The young lady next to David was orginally met by John and Julie a year or so ago. They met her at the dump where she was trying to find things to sell to buy a school uniform. Without it, she couldn't attend school. The ministry group at that time gathered their resources, gave them to her and told her to go home and go to school.
God has used Larissa on the left, to bring light and life to this village. On the right is Julie Wright, who along with her husband and family continue to leave a life changing impact whereever they go.

We couldn't resist this picture. He was asleep by the time the shoeboxes were given out, but his mom made sure he got one.

The kids wait on the arrival of the Samaritarian Purse shoeboxes.

A glimpse of the box of gifts.

This young lady shows us what she received.

These young ladies were so excited to get their gifts and also the literature.

Some of the food bags that were not needed earlier in the day, were distributed to families in the village.

These ladies were so deeply appreciative of the food, which included flour, sugar, oil, rice, apples and other necessary items.

As we were leaving after a four hour celebration, the women were distributing the food items.

It was an evening we won't forget and the journey continues...


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