Thursday, June 12, 2008

Seriously disturbed - first thoughts

Tonight, we were seriously disturbed. I wanted to remember this evening, so I thought putting it on the blog would be a good place to keep the memory. We don't have pictures, didn't have time to grab the camera. I won't tell the whole story...just first thoughts.

We were asked to go to the hospital on an emergency a few hours ago. It is now 10:30 pm. We just returned about thirty minutes ago. The conditions are indescrible to say the least. We visited a 75 year old woman who was in intensive care....a horrible, dark and dirty room. The doctors finally moved her to the third floor...up three flights of dark stairs. She had to walk it - this elderly woman, with a heart condition, and in immense pain.

When we got to her room, we were told we should have brought her a mattress. So we left and went to her home to get her own mattress from her own bed so she would have something to sleep on at the hospital. I have never been in such a dark, dark hopeless place.....this experience is fresh...have only been home from there about 30 minutes....too seriously disturbed to sleep.

David's first thoughts were...

These people are doing the best they can with what they have. Then I thought about it for awhile. No, they are not doing the best they can do. They could make the place clean. They can treat the patients with respect. They can feed their patients. No, they are not doing all they can do. It is just the attitude that you find in some. However, in many, if not most, we find a beautiful, loving and kind spirit.

We experienced this for a reason - the full extent of this is yet to revealed....


Lynn and Ruby said...

My dear friends, our prayers continue to go out for your strength and peace as He leads your steps. Each blog touches our hearts as we see the work of ministry continue. We praise God for your willing servant hearts.

Love in Jesus,
Lynn and Ruby
LAMb International

a Heart of Mercy Ministries said...

Former Soviet Union. Sometimes hopelessness and despair rule. Just a flicker of light is evident in the darkest of nights. Though it cannot always light your path, it can shine enough to move forward, step by step, and those who follow have someone to hold onto and show them the way.

edstone said...

My dear friend, as you know, until we become "seriously disturbed" are we moved to do something about it. My prayer is that God will disturb others so His clean, pure, and bright work can be done there. There are many workers in the army of God, and this task isn't too big for Him. Keep fighting the fight.