Monday, June 23, 2008

David's Perspective

Greetings from the Republic of Kyrgyzstan

Even though I am out of the country, I am aware of what is happening in the US. We are able to keep up with news via dial-up internet that is slow and somewhat unreliable. But, we are so thankful to have it as it is our only connection to the rest of the world.

We often speak, in a non-judgmental way, about the difficult conditions and situations in this country. However, the condition of our own country is very difficult as well. Many signs point to troubled times ranging from economic to the strange and devastating weather patterns that not only cause property damage and human suffering, but will cause shortages and inflation as well.
Some years ago, just before 9-11, I received a prophetic word which stated, “Get Ready.” The message had two parts. The first part pertained to the West Carrollton Church which I was pastoring at the time. The message to the church was fulfilled completely. The second part of the message had to do with “the coming social upheaval” that was yet to come. September 11 was only the beginning.

I have shared this message literally many places in the world and have found little interest in it from those with whom I have shared. However, the events have a way of imposing themselves on all of us.

This past Sunday, the 22, I spoke at a church about the fierce winds that will and do blow across each person’s path. They will blow-that is not in question. The question is “will we still be standing after they blow?” Many have been blown away by the contrary winds no longer to be seen or found.

The message was given to remind the people present that there is a sound, solid place to stand that will enable each of us to sustain the blasts and remain standing today, tomorrow, and forever. The outline I shared was this:

1. Remember who we are – John 1:12 – a child of God
2. Remember what we can do – Philippians 4:13 – all things through Christ who strengthens us
3. Remember what we possess – Philippians 4:19 – all that we will need for our journey will be supplied

The congregation at the Chinese/Russian/Kyrgz church

I reminded them that these truths have been tested and not in the classroom- but in the winds. They are a safe and solid place to stand.

Interestingly enough, after I finished preparing this message on Saturday to be delivered the next morning, the president of Mercy Foundation called me to inform me that his wife had just been diagnosed with cancer. Christa was present Sunday morning with her husband, John, and heard the message. She testified as to how it gave them a place to stand as this new wind blows across their path. They also testified Monday morning, at the gathering of Mercy Foundation employees concerning the diagnosis and that they now know they have a very safe and solid place to stand. Christa has been a tremedous help to us. This is our very first day in the country, April 22.

I sincerely urge you to pay attention to what is happening in your world and that you listen towhat God is saying and have a very safe and solid place to stand.

Thanks for following us here and look forward to seeing you upon on return.

The Journey Continues....

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