Sunday, October 19, 2014

Would You Consider Coming? What Happened When We Said Yes

Seventeen months ago, during a pause in our presentation at CAFO conference in Nashville, (Christian Alliance for Orphans), a gentleman slipped to the front of the room, handed David his card and said quietly, "would you consider coming to Romania?"  That was Livada director, Bruce Thomas. Now all these many months later, David and I, along with Josh Wientge from Lebanon, will be heading tomorrow to Romania for 12 days of training. We will be meeting many new people who share our vision for hope and healing for children devastated by trauma and loss. This is another awesome partnership as our connections continue to grow.   Orphans Promise is providing the funding for our travel there and two of their OP staff will be joining us as well.  It takes the efforts of many to continue the work to which God is calling so many.

One of the many highlights of the trip will be participating in the first ROMANIA WITHOUT ORPHANS conference at the end of October.We see this as an incredible privilege and take our time there very seriously.

While we are in Romania, other LAMb team members, Lynn and Ruby are in Botswana, after finishing a week in South Africa.  Our dear friends, John and Julie Wright and their daughters continue their hard work in Kyrgyzstan.

We are excited that Josh is joining us.  With Josh along, we will have great video and pictures from the experiences there and it will be meaningful to see how this experience impacts a young man whose heart has been turned to the needs of vulnerable children.

 We do appreciate your prayers as we go....our journey continues

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