Wednesday, October 22, 2014

HIghlights of First Day in Romania

Many sights, sounds and feelings greeted our first day in Romania.  We are learning so much about Livada Orphan Care - an organization that has been a pioneer  in caring for orphan and high risk children for over ten years. The breadth of their work here is amazing.

Before the training day began, we visited emergency home - Big Blue orphanage, where children are taken who are in need of emergency protective  care. It was a good reminder for us why we are here as begin our time with social workers, foster and adoptive parents, therapists, and volunteers. We are privileged to be sharing with over 100 folks from Mures County in Romania.

A big highlight for us this trip is having Josh Wientge with us.  We are so enjoying our conversations with him.  He is here to create videos and photo memories of what we are doing in this capacity building initiative.

Here is a highlight of our first day from Josh's perspective.

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