Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Learning about Nurture Groups

Training is meant to be fun!  It is also meant to be practical and something that can be used in the transformation of another.  Last Friday, in a training sponsored by the International Leadership and Development Center of Ukraine, we had the fun opportunity to work with over 40 professionals on learning about nurture groups.   This is a concept taught by Dr. Karyn Purvis ( Trust Based Relational Intervention).  I attended the "how-to" training last January in Texas.  I thought we would just be using in the US, but with permission from TBRI, we are sharing this in Ukraine and Poland this trip and beyond.

Here is a very short clip of what the training day looked like. I don't think we heard so much laughter in the midst of so much learning.

We have four more days in Ukraine. This week we are sharing with over 65 folks representing Orphan Promise training centers all over Ukraine.   More about these wonderful folks tomorrow. 

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