Thursday, August 28, 2014

Finished First Day in Ukraine

"Children are healed in the context of relationships."  That focus is the purpose of our training trip to Ukraine this trip. Helping those who work with children who have come from difficult places to heal. We had the privilege of meeting with and working with 42 folks from all around the very huge city of Kiev.  They are trainers, social workers, therapist, foster and adoptive parents and they came today and will be back tomorrow for the same purpose - to continue to learn how to help wounded children heal.

Raya, a young woman who attended the Trust Based Relational Invention training two years ago with Dr. Karyn Purvis began the day introducing the TBRI principles of empowerment, connecting and correcting. Her desire and passion  to help parents and others learn how to better connect and correct children is so evident. You can tell by listening to her and talking with her, she has spent many, many hours of study. so proud of her work.
Raya, sharing with the group this morning.

After Raya completed her presentation, we began the journey of understanding Nurture Groups for children. (Pictures will come tomorrow).  What I can say is that the group had a great deal of fun this afternoon while learning and we will continue it on Friday.  

A note about what we have experienced
 As all of you know, Ukraine is in the midst of frightening conflict with Russian.  Just today, we learned that Russian has indeed invaded eastern Ukraine - far from us. However, although the conflict is far from us, people experience it here in different forms. Just today, while walking back from our training, we watched, stunned, as a large group of men in hooded masts began smashing and looting a small store and gas station. It happened right across the street from our apartment.  After that settled down, we walked over to the large shopping mall here. It is brand new.  When we walked up the steps from the underground walkway, we saw the entire entrance to the mall roped off. It was impossible to get in. It had been evacuated due to a bomb threat, which we understand is quite frequent here in large shopping areas.  

We asked our translator how she was doing and others.  She said her life income had been greatly influenced. She felt anxious, numb and helpless to do anything to help the problems here. She said that most people feel that way.  Please continue in prayer for these people. 

We continue our time with the ILDC training tomorrow and begin our work with Orphan's Promise next week.  

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