Sunday, September 25, 2011

Winter is Coming and the Needs Continue

Many of you who regularly follow our bog have seen these faces before.  They are the faces of men who will spend the rest of their lives, most likely shortened, at the home for disabled men.  Most of these men began their lives in orphanages for disabled children, moving through those orphanages to finally “graduate” to Iskra.  It is a heart-breaking place.   LAMb has been very involved in the work at Iskra, with the hope of restoring some level of hope and dignity. 

They told us they fear that winter will come.  The statement almost sounded as if with hoping for a miracle,
 that winter wouldn't  come.  But it will.  What is ahead of them is something most of us have never faced.
On our most recent visit earlier this month, we toured the facilities again. When we walked into the dining facility we were disheartened at what we saw.  It has been totally torn up. We are not sure who did it, why it was done, but now, without intervention from the outside, it will remain that way.   Everything is in need of major repair. 

The floor in the dining room. 

The walls of the dining room.
What We See as the Greatest Need
Of our greatest concern, however, is the heating in the dining area.  From what we understand now and didn’t know before, it hasn’t worked in a number of years.  Once winter arrives, over 280 men will eat three meals a day in an area with no heat.  It could be a room where the men can gather during the day as well for warmth not available in other parts of the building.

This is what is left of the heating system in the dining area for the men.

Each evening, as David and I end the day praying together, we tell the Lord that we don’t have the financial ability to meet the many needs we see while in Kyrgyzstan.  They are overwhelming. We know the men at Iskra are important to God  and He has a way.  All we can do is let the need be known. 

If you would have any interest in helping with the $2400 cost of putting heat in, please go to  or contact us.  On the right is the US donation button.  Thank you for helping us carry this burden for those who are invisible to the outside world. 

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LAMb International said...

Jayne and David, we are so concerned too. You know there are new windows being installed this week. We are thrilled. Now we just need the heat. And it is such a deal for the price. We are praying too.