Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Most Likely….

Do you remember when you were in high school or college – some students were chosen as the most likely to succeed,  etc.  Well, a first came to the college campus today as our journalism students awarded certificates for the most likely…in many categories.   About two weeks ago, my students created the ballot, managed the voting, created the certificates and planned the "award ceremony."  Bekah Wright, who has been assisting me in class, devised a special "gift " for each winner. For example, the one with the best smile won a tube of toothpaste! 

Today was the day and it was a great time. Laughing a lot is a good thing.  I don't know all the winners by name, but some of these pictures capture the story. There were 16 winners in all.

1.  Most likely to win the Olympics

2. Most overachiever – Michael – I have had in a number of classes and I agree

3.  Most likely to become a superhero

4.  Most likely to become a secret agent – Ibragim – had him, too and he often would slip into class late hoping I wouldn't notice..just practicing his slinking skills

5.  Most likely to marry a famous actor – Nurisa – I have her now and she is a dynamic young lady. I didn't know the actor they all are in love with, but she did and won the prize!

6.  Most likely to be late for everything 

7. Thanking the students

8.  Some of the winners

Exams begin next week, so today was my last official class with the journalism students. I have developed very special relationships with them.  We will spend this weekend putting together the university's first yearbook - a new concept here and the students and faculty alike are excited about it. Our students worked hard to accomplish a yearbook in only 7 weeks!

 As we prepare to say good-bye to these young people for the summer, I thank God for the opportunity to share this moment of time with them.

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