Sunday, May 8, 2011

Catching Up on Happenings Here

Catching Up on Happenings Here

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About two weeks ago, a doctor and social worker arrived from the US and it has been a wonderful time being with them, watching them teach at the university and train social workers. Dr. Jordan Greenbaum, is a child abuse expert from Georgia  and Peggy Woodard is a child abuse specialist also from Georgia.  They came to Kyrgyzstan to share knowledge that is often unavailable here.

During their first week, they taught in David's sociology class at the University.  They participated in a the three day training of trainers in Bishkek sponsored by the Minister of Labor and Social Services and conducted by Ruby. (This is an amazing opportunity for LAMb to impact the entire country in child welfare – see Lynn and Ruby's blog –  They also trained in a number of different child welfare settings and at the Humanities University. The final day of training was held at Dayspring and was attended by orphanage caregivers from 4 different orphanages in the area.  It has been a busy schedule for them, but they have definitely made an impact.  They leave Tuesday morning, but not without making a difference at each place they went. 

We are heading into our final three weeks here. University classes are over on the 13th followed by 10 days of exams.  We have enjoyed being with the students and actually, I think, David has been adopted by another one as his spiritual father. This young man comes to our door regularly just to talk to David. He told David recently that he has no idea how to be a man or how to be a good husband.  I would say this is another one that we have been led to stop in front of…to listen to and to encourage.

We are excited to be escorting two young women back to Ohio with us. Aihan and Zhenya will be living with two families in the Lebanon area and working in two local businesses.  This will be a life changing experience for all of them.  More about these young ladies in a future blog.

Each time we have been here, it has been different. This time has been a time of learning some valuable things. For me personally, a particular scripture has come alive. I have known it cognitively, but now experienced it.  Sometimes, things that I don't want to do are just the things that are placed in front of me. Maybe you can relate.  This happened a couple of weeks ago.  As I was preparing to leave to do this thing I didn't want to do, the Lord simply told me –"Do it as unto me."  Wow…what a life lesson. The task was so much easier and the words made the difference for the entire day as they kept returning to me…   "Do it as unto me." May it continue to make a living difference everyday.

Our journey continues…..



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