Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Catching Up on Last Weekend - An Orphan Weekend

It is Thursday already. Time goes so quickly here.  Last Saturday and Sunday we had the privilege of joining the Wright family and the Vilardo family from Ohio in a full and fun-packed weekend.  On Saturday, we took 14 children to the capital for movie and dinner. They had so much fun and for a number of them, I am guessing it was there first experience. Students from the university joined us as well to act as translators for the group.

After the movie, we drove another 1.5 hours to another orphanage where a number of the children we know were moved last year. We visited briefly on Saturday night, joined them on Sunday morning and later that day, we met them at an ice skating rink.  Listening to their laughter and screams of delight made the weekend so meaningful. Most of the children had never been on skates, but did they learn quickly.
Here is the link to get a glimpse of the weekend.
The next five weeks will be full with concentration on the work at IUCA, training the Dayspring staff and many other unknowns.   David's new position as Chairman of the Board is requiring a lot of time there talking with leadership as plans are being formulated for new school year.   
Something is happening stateside which is an incredible gift from God and we will share it soon in a future blog.  It has to do with an expanded role in orphan care ministries and adoption.
The journey continues....

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