Sunday, April 17, 2011

Busy Thursday and Friday


Who would have thought that 3 years ago when we first step foot in the home for invalid men that we would be where we were this past Thursday. Ten men had the "water experience" after a decision they made and we had the privlege as the LAMb team to share it in. 

After the "water experience" the men enjoyed an incredible shaslick lunch...something they do not get very often.


On campus there is a small group of incredibly talented musicians and artists.  We were invited to a concert  and the fun was that the IUCA students also invited students from the local orphanage to perform as well.  It was a delightful afternoon. We are always amazed at the depth of talent in young people that we encounter here.

                                        Azamat, one of our students, introduces the concert program.

Temirlan Sadybakasov is an incredibly gifted classical guitarist.  We were totally amazed at this gift as he played many differnent types of music - all of which he learned by ear. He has taken professional lessons for 8 years and plays both the piano and the Kyrgyz national instrument - the komuz.
Young talent from a local orphanage also shared their talents.

Part of the fans of the Creative Club...

After the Concert - the Children from the local orphanage and students from the university shared a meal and time together.  We think it is awesome that these IUCA's students are choosing to invest in the lives of these children. 

It is late Sunday evening, and we just returned from a weekend with two different orphanages. It was so much fun, but it will take a day or so to post all the exciting pictures. Thank you John and Julie Wright and Robert and Juile Vilardo and family (from Ohio) for organizing this great memory maker for the children.

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