Tuesday, March 29, 2011

An Unexpected Request and Opportunity

David and I have been very much a part of the new university - the International University of Central Asia since it’s beginnings nearly 4 years ago. We saw the campus before renovations began, watched it come to life, helped clean the campus to get ready for the new incoming students and now we both have the privilege of teaching there.

Last Friday, while attending the IUCA board meeting, of which he is a trustee, David was asked a totally unexpected question. “Would you consider assuming the Chairmanship of the Board of Trustees?” As the idea has had time to settle in, we both are realizing the awesome opportunity this provides for David. We also know that this is an grave responsibility as well.

During the remaining weeks here, David will be spending much time getting to know the inner workings of the school, to know its faculty and staff better and to prepare to lead beginning in July. Although, we will be home by then, David will keep in regular contact with the President and Vice-President through email and skype calls. He will return for a period of time in the fall for further consultation and university participation.

David's 8:00 am sociology class. These young people are eager to learn. They take volumious notes and ask alot of questions.

My 8:00 am journalism class is tackling a major project to complete in 7 weeks - the first IUCA yearbook. From the excitement of the students, although it will be hard work, it will be great fun.

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