Thursday, March 31, 2011

Meeting New Staff and Training Begins

Just this week, LAMb has grown. Two new staff personnel were added to the team – Medlen, our child advocate and Zukhar, our new translator. So who is all here now in Kyrgyzstan with us...Lynn and Ruby, John, Julie, Emma and Bekah Wright,  Natalia, our country director,Talent, Acel and 3 children – Resource Parents,Medlen, new child advocate,Zukhar, our new translator. Our team has GROWN!

Our staff - (l-r) Medlen, child advocate, Natalia, our country director and Zukhar, our new translator.
Last night, we had the privilege of sitting down at Dayspring for the first staff training in the new training room. LAMb is committed to doing as much as possible to prepare the resource family and the rest of LAMb staff for the challenges ahead.

Lynn shares the vision of Dayspring with the new staff.  Our resource parents, Talent and Acel are sitting to his rightThe focus of our discussion last night was preparing this new young family for the many challenges ahead for them and their children. We were very impressed with their wisdom and understanding already.

A team from Ohio arrives early Sunday morning – Randy and Kim Gebele (daughter and son-in-law of Lynn and Ruby) and Pastor Ken Day and his wife, Jackie from Dayspring Church in Beavercreek, Ohio. (Did anyone tell them our rule is “you can sleep when you get home?)

Much is planned for them while they’re here. I think the most exciting thing in which they will participate will be the grand opening of Dayspring Family Resource Center on April 12. More news coming soon.

the journey continues

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