Monday, March 21, 2011

A Reflection Before Coming

Our last Sunday night at our home in Lebanon,(February 27) we had the privilege of hosting  54 friends of like mind and heart regarding missions.  It was an incredile evening of sharing. As I looked around the room, I realized most of the folks there were close to our age and were now moving into a different stage in life - the 2nd half.  What a dynamic as they shared how God was calling them out to serve Him in places around our community, our nation, and around the world.

A dear friend of ours, Robin Wientge, wrote a note to us the next day that so speaks to what we had hoped the evening to mean. 

John and I just wanted to say thanks for inviting us to your gathering last night. It really is a "boost" to be reminded that it is God who plans the grand design of our lives and we just need to be paying attention. Takes the pressure off! I was looking around the room last night at all the different ages and life circumstances represented and asked myself what we all have in common. I think that it is that we live a life of "response". Missions is not about packing up and going so much as seeing a need and responding - whatever that might mean. Does a child in Central Asia need a surgery? We send the funds because we can. Does a young man in Honduras need an education to get out of poverty?We set up a scholarship for him because we can. Do my friends need funds to meet specific needs for specific families? We sell candles. Does the family across the street from me need food? We drop off groceries.

What am I responding from? The pouring out from God into my own life. Response FROM thankfulness TO a need........this is mission work, I think! A life of response.

We couldn't let Robin's powerful words slip away without sharing them!  Blessings, John and Robin

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LAMb International said...

fabulous...fabulous...fabulous. They are both Radicals...what a blessings to read this.