Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Last Sunday - A Day of Opportunity

Sunday was, indeed, a day of opportunity for us as David spoke twice to two different groups - a Chinese group and a Krygyz group two hours away from us. We were also able to spend the day with a family that we have grown to love over the two and half years we have been coming to this country.

Due to some sensitive issues here, I am just posting pictures of David and then some children.

It Was Children's Day at this local meeting

Just precious....

This is a traditional Kyrgyz instrument.

David had incredible cross-cultural speaking opportunities today. He spoke at this meeting to the heart of the father and husband in the home.

Melodie and Davina always capture our hearts.  We took them out to lunch at a restaurant where they have never been and it was such a delight to see them enjoy everything. They are the children of the house parents for the new family type foster home that is currently being formed.
And, yes, she ate the whole thing!

Davina was not quite demonstrative as her older sister.

Sunday was a wonderful day of meeting many new people and we plan to be with them again in the fall for parenting seminars and other topics.

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Jennifer Wlodarczyk said...

The picture of the little girl with the ice cream speaks volumes. Awesome.