Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"Call To Community" Luncheon A Success

A number of weeks ago, we were visiting the homeless seniors' home in Kemin as we do quite reguarly. While having tea with the director, we were more keenly aware that Tonya and her family are carrying the load for this home. They have little or no support from anyone to care for all the needs of fifteen elderly grandfathers and grandmothers, most who have no family. We decided to plan and sponsor a luncheon and invite local government and church leaders to hear about the needs of the home. Today was the day and it was truly a success.

Over 18 local people came to hear the needs of the seniors' home and the response was very positive. One young woman, who works in the government office stood up at the end and said, "I live in this town and didn't know this home was here. We will find ways to help them."

The vice mayor attended as well and when I thanked him for coming, he said, "These are our fathers and mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers, we need to take care of them." He promised to do what he could, although government financial aid is limited. I want to share some pictures and highlights of the day. Here is the video that we showed the group, of course, they saw it in Russian.

Volunteers Helped with the Meal Preparation
The volunteers were there early this morning to prepare.

         We had a wonderful lunch prepared by these ladies from the community.

Of course, Natalia and I were busy cooking, too. 

Government Officials Attended
The vice mayor (right) with another government official were impressed with all the work that Tonya and her family have done in the home.

As we were leaving, the young lady in the grey sweater stood up and told us that she lived in this town and didn't know this home was here. She promised to find help.

Anatolee played his wooden spoons for entertainment at lunch.

We prepared a "help needed" list to hand out to the guests and encouraged them to place them around town.

We are so thankful that God brought the people to us today and we are trusting Him that the seniors' home will receive help from their community. We have scheduled another luncheon for October 1 - Seniors' Day.


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