Saturday, April 17, 2010

First the Revolution and Now the Volcano

Greetings again to each of you. It is Saturday night and I just finished my message for tomorrow.  It is about the power each of us possesses—that is the power of choice. 
Thank you for letting us know you are out there and that you are praying for us.  The tension of the revolution is dying down some even though we still do not know the course this great country will take after the new government is installed. We have resumed much of our responsibilities at the University and else where.   
We just went through the revolution of a government and NOW we are experiencing the Icelandic volcano eruption which has closed most of Europe and other parts of the world to air traffic.   We are scheduled to leave on Tuesday morning for Ukraine and to Poland, however both airports we fly into are closed and there is no reason to believe that circumstances will change any time soon.  We were to do adoption conferences in both countries.  It will be a huge disappointment to those there as they have planned much and have done much work in preparation for these meetings—not to mention the cost involved.  So, it looks like our plans are changing again.  We are safe, at peace about it all, and honored to be a part of something far bigger than we are.

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J. said...

if the airports don't open back up perhaps the wonders of the internet can help you, I have been to lots of things where people were skyped in, if you have a good connection from where you are it might work. I'll keep you in my prayers this week.