Sunday, March 14, 2010

In the morning...

The night before we leave is always full of last minute things to do.  It is now 8:05. We are almost done with everything.  All the luggage weighs just under the limit. Carry-ons are packed and shortly we will just relax and probably head to bed early.

However, amidst all the last minute activity of the past week or so, we stopped to reflect on God's incredible goodness to us.  About ten days ago, David and I were talking about our resources for the trip. I hope I can say this so it sounds right. We generally fund our own expenses and as we were calcuting our personal resources, we regretfully realized things are tighter this trip. Our needs for the trip are covered for those things to which we have commited ourselves,  but we didn't have alot of extra for the multide of unplanned humanitarian needs that capture our hearts. 

We have seen God provide through His people throughout our years of ministry and now is no exception. SO, let me say, within the last ten days, through the unsolicted gracious gifts of many friends, we are now ready to respond to those whom God places in front of us. We do pray for God's discernment and wisdom in using the funds entrusted to us.

We will do our best to keep the blog updated over the next months.  Thank you for sharing our journey! 

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