Friday, March 19, 2010


David and I arrived safely and uneventfully early Wednesday morning. And, yes, all of our luggage arrived this time- the first time. We spent the rest of Wednesday resting and organizing our apartment and meeting with the Wright family. Thursday, we went to the Foundation and it was so good to walk into that familiar place and see the familiar faces of the people we have grown to love over the last two years.

Later on Thursday, we met with one of the department heads at the university where we will be teaching this spring quarter. David will be teaching three courses – Psychology, Sociology and History of Religion. I will be teaching composition and journalism. This is our third teaching involvement at this new university and our most involved. These young people are eager to learn as they truly understand the way out of poverty is a good education. We will be on campus three days a week.

It is amazing what we feel as we walk around this town and how good it is to be here. Maybe it has to do with the sense that this is the place God has us to be at this time in our own personal journey.

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