Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Fall Journey Begins

It is now Wednesday afternoon - it is a beautiful afternoon in Kiev, Ukraine - sunny and warm. This afternoon we finished two days of training with social workers from around the area and as usual, the joy of doing the work bubbles up for me. I simply could live over here and return home for visits.

What has been great fun for me is the encouragement I get from my new friends here as I continue to develop the language. I tell them it is my hobby and they really encourage me to keep at it. I have spoken more language here in conversation at lunch, etc then in months at home...of course. :)

Earlier this week we had the opportunity to meet with the President of CBN Ukraine and his staff as our team planned a national Ukrainan adoption conference for next spring. What struck me, as it usually does, is the incredible humble servant's heart I see in the folks working here. Steve Weber, the President said something that really impacted me.

"It is time for those of us at home to take the orphan's picture off the refrigerator and let the orphan eat from our refrigerator."

HOW POWERFUL...what a call to us in the Church to step up to meet those needs....not only when we think of orphans internationally, but of the thousands of children in foster care awaiting permanent homes in our own country.

David will join me next week on Wednesday as we prepare to fly to Kyrgyzstan and return to a people and place we greatly love.

What's coming the rest of the time here:
On Monday - training
On Tuesday - a national media event to release our book Telling the Truth to Your Adopted Child, now translated in Russian. What also will be highlighted is the work of the Institute of Human Services - Field Guide to Children Welfare and the incredible Step by Step Series on Parenting written primarily by Lynn and Ruby Johnston.
On Tuesday evening - we leave for Kivy Rog, a 12 hour train ride to visits the many projects LAMb has been involved in
On Friday - to Kyrgyzstan

Thank you for your incredible interest and support...we are a blessed people

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