Friday, September 25, 2009

Because of You

Last year, David and I had the opportunity to meet a fine young man with a dream. We have talked about him in past blogs. He is entering his second year at the Professional Institute..studying business. He also has a heart for ministry.

Vitaliy and his mother pictured on the evening he received the gift of a guitar last April. He plays every Sunday in church and used a borrowed one.

A number of our friends have given us resources to help Vitaliy and others pursue their dreams. We thought it would be wonderful to share a note from him to let all of you know how much he appreciates your support. He is just learning English and we knew you would enjoy his letter.

From Vitality...

Hallo, dear Jane and David.

How are you? What are you doing? Excuse me if I have wrongs. This is Vitaliy, from Tokmok's institute Yraiym. I hope you remember me:). I remember you and I thank you very - very much. I study because of you, I asked Natasha about you mail and decided write you. If you write me I'll happy. You know, now much more students, I met many new friends, it is so good!I hope see you soon. Write me something please:).

Good bye! Vitaliy.

P.S. Every day I pray for you!

David and I arrive in Kyrgyzstan on October 3. We are so looking forward to reconnecting with Vitaliy and others our friends support....thank you as the journey continues...

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