Thursday, May 7, 2009

From the Youngest to the Oldest- They All Have a Story

As we end our sixth week here, I have looked back at the pictures of the people whose lives touched ours just this week. All of these special people have a story....some we know, some we are getting to know and others we hope to know. Whether we walk out of an orphanage or a viillage or a senior's home, the faces of the people we meet and talk with remain with us.

In the villages...

These precious twins live in a village where we visit weekly. This is the first time we have seen them. (Note to Julie - you will remember their mother from the village last summer. She was expecting and told no one in the village she was having twins! Were they surprised!)

This little one was waiting for her "Beannie Baby." Some of LAMb's friends sent them along with us to give to the children.

One of our team members brought crayons and markers for every family in this village. These little ones met us when we first arrived today (Friday)

We were visiting in another village when this little fellow caught our eye. David came and got me and said "I have found a little Micah." He looks just like our ten year grandson did six years ago. The only difference is that this little one can not walk without support. We will follow up his story to see if there is something we can do to assist the family.

These fine young boys greet us every week. Next week, I hope we can sit down with them and have a long conversation. It is hard to do that with 40 people and one translator.
In the capital city....

It is almost hard to remember which day of the week we stopped at one of the hospitals in the captial city to visit this fine young man. I think it was Wednesday. Anne, on the right, is Ruby's niece. Jenia is recovering from surgery.
Well over a year ago, the medical condition of Jenia was brought to the Johnston's attention. Because they followed through, this young man has had a life changing/saving surgery. He turns 17 soon and will be ready to move out of the orphanage where he currently lives.
With the seniors...

We have been able to visit almost weekly in the senior's home in a village a distance from our home. This home is for homeless senior citizens who have no place to go and no one to care. As David sat and talked with Tonya, I looked at her and thought so much of his mother and it broke my heart for this kind, gentle woman.

We have come to love Alexi (center left) and just met Colya this week. These men also live in the seniors home. We understand that Alexi beats everyone who comes in checkers and chess! Lynn Johnston is on the far left.

As this week closes, we are entering a transition time. Our team members, Lynn and Ruby and their niece, Anne, leave for America and Canada this weekend. It has been a very dynamic two months walking alongside of them and we will miss their presence, their energy and their absolute love for the people here. We have learned so very much from them and will never be able to repay what they have given to us and allowed us to do. In these blogs, we have captured only a small bit of what has been done in these two months.
Godspeed, Lynn, Ruby and Anne on your journey have touched our lives in ways you will never know!
There is much work left to do for these remaining weeks....we have started our list of "must-do's" - like working at the orphanage on lifebooks with kids, meeting with social workers regarding foster care and lifebooks, counseling both adults and children (for David, he has folks waiting for him), visiting baby orphanages both locally and other places...and waiting on God to show us the next thing. We are excited as we contemplate the days ahead.


LAMb International said...

How will we ever be able to read your blog and not sob. Our hearts are with you and know you are deeply loved and appreciated!

Andrew said...

Я позтравляю вас с Днём Матери!

Sevara said she wrote you with Dr. Lena's new number. Hope you are well!