Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Every Where We Go, We Find Caring, Giving People

Just about an hour ago, we returned to our apartment after a very full day in the capital city. We visited an orphanage, a hospital, and a rehabilitation center for children who have been found on the street. We walk away from these places reminded again of the many caring people who step in to care for children in desperate circumstances. The remarkable thing about these places is that the people serving there are not doing it for a large salary – that just doesn’t exist. They do it because they feel a call to care, nurture and restore dignity to those children whose dignity has been robbed from them.

First Stop - The Hospital
About two weeks ago, David and one of our team partners met this young boy in the village. Through the generous gift of one of our friends, this young man will have surgery soon. It was supposed to be done this week, but he has a cold and the doctor wants to wait. We were thrilled to see his father with him at the hospital.

Second Stop - We spent a few moments at an orphanage this morning and met a wonderful doctor and caregivers. It was wonderful to see the children so well cared for.

Third Stop - A Rehab Center for Children Found on the Streets or in the Bazaar

We were gifted with a tour of this remarkable rehab center for children. This director and staff have created a loving, nurturing environment for these children and many are being successfully reunited with families over time. She has asked us to come to train her staff on child welfare issues. We plan to go on Monday to sit with her and discuss her training needs.

This youngster is one of the children living in the rehab center.

David with some of the children. The little boy in the right front, I think has found a new "grandfather." He wouldn't let go of David's hand.
We have enjoyed the presence of Alisha, a 17 year old from Ohio. She came to this country with a desire to see the birthplace of her little two year old adopted brother. Some of the things she saw and experienced today, I believe exceeded her expectations. She is not only just watching, but also participating. Barely off the plane on Sunday, she joined us in a ministry opportunity, singing and playing the guitar at a local organization. Tomorrow, she will join us on several stops of ministry, including doing a craft activity with children from a village. She will go home, I trust with rich memories of her time here.

Alisha with a new friend from the center. This place really touched her heart and as we were leaving, she said that she must come back before she returns home. We will go back on Monday with planned crafts for the children.
Alisha sharing in a guitar class for a local organization.

Tomorrow we met with a local administration. They have asked us to work with them in the creation of a foster care program. This will be small steps for this region as foster care as we know it, doesn’t exist in this central Asia country. Our hope is to be able to walk them through these early stages so when we do return later this year, we can build upon what they have done.

These weeks have gone so quickly, yet we feel there is much more to do before we head home. Each day brings a fresh new need to our eyes and our hope is to be able to touch some of them...the journey continues....

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