Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What's In the Field?

Earlier this week we experienced two days like no other - the electricity, water and gas were all turned off. That means these precious people had no way to prepare a hot meal for their families. The gas situation turned out to be temporary, but it was an unsettling early reminder of what is ahead this winter for this precious people. We will write about that later.

These last ten days or so have been so incredibly busy, that we have not been able to take the time to update the blog. We have a little more than two weeks left of this life changing experience. We will never be the same and we hope to return.

Last Sunday, David had the opportunity to speak at Pastor Elenya's church. The day was a celebration of harvest and he spoke on the power of the seeds we plant - seeds of value, blessings, powerful words and kindness. The rest of the speakers captured his theme. One speaker, visiting from Ukraine spoke about the fields and the treasures we find in those fields at harvest time.

As I was sitting there, I felt this man's message connect with my heart. He gave words to explain the deep joy we have had here ministering in Kyrygzstan - ministering in the field. Our joy comes because of what we have found in the field...the treasure of the beautiful people here. That message continues to resonnant in my heart days later.

We wanted to share briefly some picture updates of the ministry here. These only capture just a snapshot of the experiences we have had since our last update. These pictures are of some heartwarming connections we made with people in the last two weeks.

The Sunday before Bekah left, we had the privlege of meeting a village pastor and his family. This beautiful family lives and works in extremely difficult circumstances and suffers much persecution due to their faith.

Just before lunch was served, we heard this man's testimony of how he came to know God in a personal way.

This is Hamenaut, a man from Ethiopia and his precious family. He has served us as a driver, helping us get to remote places. He was living in Kyrgyzstan, being trained by the Soviet air force as a pilot, when the Soviet Union collapse in 1991. He basically has been trapped in this country with no ability to return to his homeland. He and his family of four children (one was asleep and not in the picture) live in a ONE ROOM apartment near us. We hope to help this family on an on-going basis after we leave.

The Club of Leaders

Shortly after our arrival last April, we were introduced to this group of teenagers. They have formed a club called The Club of Leaders. They want to learn how to be successful in their lives. Last Saturday, David spoke to this group on leadership. They were sharp, engaged young people...the hope for a better day in their country.

It has been our privilege to get to know these young people. Before they left us last weekend, they asked to see us again, so we decided to take them out to dinner. On Saturday, the 20th, we are taking them out for "shasleek," and saying good-bye for now.

Celebrating the Harvest

Harvest Celebration was the theme of this past Sunday's worship at Pastor Elenya's church. We just learned this past weekend, that Pastor Elenya is adopting a third child, a fifteen year old girl who soon would have "aged-out" of the local orphanage to a life all alone.

Children are the hope for Kyrgyzstan's future and there are so many children ministered to by this small village church.

David shares in the morning message. We have grown to love this pastor, her children and the folks of her congregation.

You can see why we feel we have found treasure in the field....

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