Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Precious Moment

Throughout our time here, we have had the privilege of meeting many social workers, orphanage directors and workers. Following a visit one afternoon to a local orphanage, the assistant director asked me if I would help her do something - tell her eight year old daughter she was adopted. I was absolutely thrilled as adoption is kept a major secret in this country.

On Tuesday morning, she came over to meet us at Mercy Foundation and for two hours I talked with her about her daughter's story. We made a timeline of events in her daughter's life, events that she has never mentioned to her. I heard the story of her daughter's birth, how she was taken to an orphanage after just a few days and of her adoption at 18 months old. I heard her story of how she came to adoption and the wonderful journey it has been for them both. I heard her struggles and fears about telling her daughter the truth and what may happen when she does. During our conversation, I clearly understood from what she said that her daughter has pre-verbal memories of the time at the orphanage because she makes vague references to it. I told this adoptive mother, it is time to give words to those vague emotional memories.

I have never experienced such an unfolding of a story. I listened to the heart cry of an adoptive mother who wants to do the right thing for her daughter. I saw so clearly the immense relief felt by this Kyryz mother when we were finished. This precious adoptive mother cried and told us, "I know I haven't told her any of this yet, but I feel so free, like a major burden has been lifted." What a joy for us!

On Wednesday, we had our weekly social work training and she came in. Her expression on her face reflected deep gratitude. Because she had others around her, I didn't get a chance to talk with her, but I know she did or soon will do the best thing for her daughter.

I wanted to share this here, so I wouldn't forget this special memory. These experiences don't come every day.

We have a short four weeks left and David and I are praying that God will continue to use our time here to the maximum.

Thank you for all your continued support and prayers...the journey continues


Andrew said...

Let us know when you get back. If you are flying through SVO, eat a "ham patty" in the lounge for me :)



Anonymous said...

Just caught up on your blog. Wonderful to see how Beka has grown into a beautiful young lady with a servants heart. I also forwarded your blog address to Leah Woodard. She was at the emergency vet clinic when I took Byron and comforted me. Hope you are doing well and look forward to visiting with you. Maybe we can have dinner and you can share some of the trip with Pam and I. Blessings, Keith