Thursday, June 19, 2008

Update on people you've met

Mariana and her brother

We have great news about nine year old Mariana and her little brother, who were hiding in the dump the day we visited there. She and her little brother are now in the foster home of the village social worker, Larissa. Their mother gave custody to Larissa last Sunday. The children are confused and sad, but safe and couldn't be in better hands to nurture them. Larissa has participated in our trainings the last two weeks and the material we covered on attachment, separation and placement couldn't have come at a better time for her. She was very grateful for the support.

Pastor Elenya

We have shared with you regarding Elenya and her need for dental care. After visiting the dentist, he referred her to the cancer hospital for a possible jaw bone tumor. It appears now that is the case. It is hard to get the complete story. We do know that she was scheduled for extremely serious surgery today, but it could not be done because someone stole the oxygen equipment from the hospital. It is possible that this complex surgery will be done tomorrow. We plan to be there tomorrow and hope to be with her before surgery. We are very concerned for her, how they will do what they will do and her prognosis. Please pray for her needs - physically, emotionally and financially. She is the single adoptive mom to these two beautiful children.


LAMb International said...

Dear Ones,

We pray for the complete recovery for our dear Pastor. She is blessed to have you both there as spiritual supports and helpers in this difficult time. We pray for His provision for all the financial needs for this surgery and for her children's care during this time of healing. Be blessed and know you are loved,

Lynn and Ruby
LAMb International

Butch & Tracy said...

I am glad that the children are being cared for. I am kind of hoping that you are home before we go to Kaz. I really want to spend time with you talking about attachment. I have been reading so many books. I just get more from actually talking.

Butch & Tracy said...
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