Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Saying Good-bye to Nastya

On Wednesday morning, June 18, Nastya leaves for America. She is being adopted by a family living on the East Coast. It was sad and exciting both to say good-bye to this precious 12 year old. Her life, her future will be forever changed as she steps off the plane in New York.

Gulya, the orphanage director and Nastya
We met Nastya at the orphanage where we go each Tuesday night. John, Julie, Emma and Bekah Wright have been going there each Tuesday to prepare dinner for them, do a craft or play games. They invited us to come, but they didn't tell us we would fall in love with these awesome children. It is absolutely one of highlights of each week. We soon heard of Nastya's pending adoption while there one evening. We had hoped to be able to meet the family. That won't happen due to the schedule of picking her up tomorrow. We were not able to find out much information about where she is going and exactly where she will be living. From what we understand, she doesn't know much either.

If we had met her parents, we were have told them that the little girl they are adopting is a young person with a promising future and a sweet, generous spirit. They will enjoy being her parents.
The Wright family, Gulya and Nastya

So, Nastya, we had our final hugs tonight and for you the journey is beginning. May God bless you, protect you and guide you.

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