Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Learning Life Value Principles - A Fun Afternoon with the Dayspring Children

Over the past 18 months, David and I have immersed ourselves in learning much about Trust Based Relational Intervention principles. This is the work of Dr. Karyn Purvis, Dr. David Cross and others from the Institute of Child Development in Texas.  We have intergrated a lot of their teaching into our work both in the US and overseas in training social workers and orphanage workers.  Yesterday, we had the opportunity to try it out with children. Working with them on learning life value principles was so much fun.

Making Sock Puppets...
The first step was creating sock puppets so the children had fun making their own sock puppet that can be used in the life value scripts.

                                     Mark, the son of Olga, foster mom, had some help with his.

                                                   Christina did a great job on her puppet.
                                              Yulia wanted to show everyone her creation
 Costa, foster dad, even got in the act.  He has on his serious face, but it is only a ruse. He is actually like one of the kids - which is great for connecting with them.

Now Upstairs for the Lesson

            Ruby helps them get their skit together on "No Hits, No Hurts" life value principle.
  Emma and Julie Wright joined us and Emma is working with Jenia and Christina on their script.
Costa and Olga work with Mark, Anya and Dasha on "Obey first time."
The Video
We knew that Ruby took video of the lesson time yesterday, and were so excited when she came in today to training with a semi-finished product.  Here is what it looked and sounded like:

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