Saturday, September 1, 2012

It is always about the children

It is Saturday late afternoon and by this time tomorrow we will be on the way to the country of Kyrgyzstan and the people we love. We are excited, as always.  However, the importance of this trip came into more focus this morning when I looked at John's blog.  This is why.

During our time there, God has given us an opportunity to offer training to four different groups of orphanage caregivers, social workers, foster parents and psychologists.   When John posted this picture, it reminded me at even a deeper level of why we are doing what we are doing. It is about the children. It is always about the children.

These youngsters live in an orphanage in Karkol, Kyrgyzstan. This is about six hours from our apartment in Tokmok.  The staff caring for them have had no training in understanding the special needs of traumatized, neglected and abused children. We will spend three days there with staff, get to meet the beautiful children and trust God will enable us to make a difference in the lives of staff and children.

For the last year, David and I have been immersing ourselves in learning how to train caregivers and parents to care for traumatized children. It is called Trust- Based Relational Intervention. It is the healing path for wounded children.  We have had the privilege of sitting under the teaching of Dr. Karyn Purvis, Dr. David Cross and their staff at the Institute of Child Development in Fort Worth, Texas. It has been a life changing journey for us and now for the very first time we will have the opportunity to share overseas. This is our schedule for the next three weeks:

September 5-7 – Youth facility workers managing the care of teens ages 15 and 15 SOS Children’s Village in Bishkek
September 10-12 – Karakol Orphanage - an orphanage about 6 hours from our home base.
September 14,15 and 17– Foster parents at SOS Children’s Village – Bishkek

September 18- Dayspring staff and orphanage caregivers in Tokmok
September 19-21 - SOS psychologist, staff and social workers , SOS Children’s Village

September 22 -Dayspring staff and orphanage caregivers in Tokmok
September 23 - heading home

If by any chance we come to mind in the next three weeks, would you pray with  us that the hearts and minds of those with whom we will meet will be made ready to receive this new and paradigm shifting focus on caring for children.  It is a very full schedule for which we will need His strength and empowerment.

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Anonymous said...

You are loved and valued beyond measure sweet Schoolers. I am praying for The Lord to show up and show off :) for His glory!!!! May He pour out His spirit upon each of you and give you the energy daily to lead others to Him for healing. Protect them Lord...In Jesus Name Love and blessings, Tonya ALbright